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admin / June 29, 2009

It’s a short work week so let’s get right to something you’re going to enjoy reading about. Remember Hot Coupon World that I told you about many months ago? One of its co-founders, Julie Parrish teamed up with the folks that produce the Entertainment Book and has written an e-book about how to save big time when you use the coupons from one of these books. The plus…it’s free. Go to to download your free copy. I read it this morning and it’s full of great tips. I’ve purchased a few of these books in the past and thought they were just for saving big time on hotels, restaurants, etc., but after reading Julie’s book I realized I can save just about every day and every place I shop. They’re also offering a deal where if you pre-order the 2010 edition, you get the 2009 free. So there’s still lots of time to use the 2009 coupons before they expire. You’ll find the link for that deal on the same page as the one for the free e-book.

This week on Budget Smart Girl…as it’s a holiday week, we’ll just have the Budget Smart Girl newsletter. Sorry it got delayed this month…doing edits for my new book kept me busy.

Have a safe and Happy Fourth of July and for my Canadian readers, a safe and happy Canada Day.

Have a good week.