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If you’re not a Twitter fan you might have missed me posting about the free exercise DVD in specially marked boxes of Kellogg’s Special K cereal. This one features three of the 10 Minute Solution exercise programs. I’m skeptical about free exercise DVDs but have to say this one is great. 30 minutes of exercises that target waist and thighs. Don’t know if I’m out of shape or what, but after doing the waist program, I hurt the next day.

I checked out more items in the dollar aisle at the supermarket. Seems like they bring in new products every week. I found the dishwasher powder and cubes again. They also had dishwasher gel. I couldn’t find the potato chips this time, but did buy more of the roasted red peppers. Plus, they had one pound bags of pasta. That’s always handy to keep in the pantry for a quick meal. My other buy was freezer storage bags.
What surprises me the most is that every time I shop there, it’s the only aisle that has no other shoppers. Not sure if people don’t know about it or just don’t think something that costs a dollar can be any good.

I’m happy to see so much great produce hitting the stores now. Last week I bought a couple of pounds of cherries that were on sale and had to stop myself from eating them every time I walked into the kitchen. Can you tell they’re my favorite fruit? I thought about buying more and canning them or even freezing them for winter eating.

And speaking of cherries; seems I had a run of spilling things on white and yellow t-shirts last week. First of all my yellow t-shirt got splattered with cherry juice. The following day, my white t-shirt mysteriously got mud on it. I used the Fels Naptha soap on both stains and presto they’re gone. If you haven’t tried this soap, buy some on your next trip to the store. Lots of my clothes would end up as gardening attire if it wasn’t for this product. And the added plus, is, it’s an inexpensive item.

This week on Budget Smart Girl-is it possible it’s almost The Fourth of July? How you can enjoy the festivities even on a budget.

Have a good week.

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