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I spent most of the weekend in the yard putting the finishing touches to the new flowerbed I created earlier this year. It was time to buy some mulch so I headed to Home Depot. They have a Cyprus mulch that is just $2.75 a bag that covers 2 cubic feet and this stuff is great for the money. It’s better than wood chips, the color is great and it goes a long way. I bought a dozen bags thinking it would just be enough for all the areas I wanted to fill and ended up with two bags more than I needed. They didn’t go to waste because I used them on another area that always plagued by weeds.

Outside work has been taking up most of my time, but we’ve had a couple of rainy days. A project I began a few weekends ago was to get the pantry more organized. I’m always looking for ways to give leftover containers and bottles a second use. Here’s a photo of the Kraft mayonnaise containers I’m now using for storing thinks like noodles and breadcrumbs. A good way to save money and keep things from the landfills too.

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What’s on Budget Smart Girl this week? I’ve been hearing conflicting reports that organic food sales are down because of the economy and others have said people don’t care about the price because they just want pesticide free food. Either way, it’s good to buy great foods at the best prices so I’ll share with you my tips for buying organic foods on a budget. Also, June 21st is the first day of summer and that means looking for fun and yes, this year, cheap things to do. I’ll let you know what I found.

Have a good week.

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