Sites Worth Checking Out

Here once again is a list of sites I’ve stumbled upon or had e-mailed to me. Hope you find something of interest and a way to save more money.

Help the Environment…find some recipes
A link to this site arrived in my mailbox this week. Even if you’re not interested in green issues, it’s worth checking out for its tips on gardening, especially growing your own foods. Plus, it has some recipes too. Click on the learn tab. www.climatecrossroads.org

Organic and Green Products
Seems like finding a coupon or discount for an organic or green product is next to impossible, but I stumbled upon this site www.sustainlane.com/green-saver-discount-coupons/

Need Gardening Help?
Remember I told you about the Home Depot garden newsletter? Seems there’s a gardening club you can join for free. Sign up and then ask experts about gardening problems or get instructions for DIY projects. www.homedepotgardenclub.com

A Budget Smart Girl Friendly Site
Here’s another site I found that’s definitely worth checking out www.nickels-n-dimes.com

Inexpensive Body Care Products
If you’re looking for some inexpensive scrubs, soaps etc. or looking for the perfect gift, this site has some good prices and some interesting merchandise www.dionissoap.com

Looking for A Great Place to Live?
Seems we’re not moving homes as often as we once did, but if you’re looking for a nice place to live that’s budget friendly, U.S News put together this list www.tinyurl.com/kvbj4d

If You’re Not a Computer Geek
I have to admit, what I know about computers would fit on one page. And if you’re like me and have to ask others for help, check out this site www.howtogeek.com

Selling Items Online
If you already do or thinking about selling unwanted items on line, first of all check out a site called www.auctionbytes.com It keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the online auction and selling business. You can sign up to receive their daily updates. Recently they had a link to this interesting article www.auctionbytes.com/cab/abn/y09/m06/i02/s03 If you’re thinking about starting your own business a company called Alibaba is giving away $100,000 in grants to US entrepreneurs.

Selling, Buying?
Are you selling items or maybe looking for bargains in your neighborhood, I found this site that might be a great resource for doing just that www.tagsellit.com

Background Music
I love listening to music while I’m writing. Sometimes I get bored with my CD collection and oftentimes I like checking out music before I buy it. Here are two sites where you can sign up to listen to music for free www.pandora.com and www.jango.com

I’ve never won anything big like a car or a house, but over the years I’ve netted a sound system, a jewelry shopping spree and a body care gift set. Check out www.sweepstakestoday.com. They list current and upcoming sweepstakes.

If you’re moving this summer or have a teen who’s heading to a college later this year, here’s a site I just found out about www.usedcardboardboxes.com

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