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The other day I was sorting through some old cookbooks and out fell a recipe I’d clipped for Split Pea Tortellini Soup. It contains all dried ingredients that you can store in a jar and make the soup when you feel like it. So why had I clipped it and not tried it yet? One of the ingredients is dried carrots and I had trouble finding them at the store. I’ve been in the mood for putting together ready-made meals and this recipe just looks too good to pass on so I did some searching online. I not only found companies selling dried carrots but lots of other goodies that are perfect for the pantry. Here are three I found that you might want to check out-
And this one sells lots of dried foods for hiking and camping but also has dried vegetables you could use in recipes at home www.wildernessdining.com

And speaking of searching for items on the Internet. About three years ago we had our old pond taken out and a new one build with a waterfall. The new one is made of concrete and needless to say we’ve never been able to use it because it’s had constant leaks. This year I was determined to get the thing in working order. I called in one company to see if they could fix it but the cost was out of our budget. So being the Budget Smart Girl that I am, I decided I’d try and fix it myself. I decided we’d have to lose the look of the natural rocks and cover it with a liner and then place a few rocks on top. I went shopping online and found some good resources if you do any water gardening. I just ordered a pond and stream liner from a company in Maryland called Webbs www.webbsonline.com. They had the best prices of any place I checked out. And the rocks I’m using are free! While I’ve been digging in the yard, I’ve kept all the bigger rocks I’ve been finding. Something that’s not hard to do in my back yard.

So tip of the week, if you’re looking for something you can’t find at the store, or want to make sure you’re getting the best price, you can’t beat the Internet.

This week on Budget Smart Girl- It’s summertime, the kids are out of school and they’re hungry, some tips for finding good for them and good for your wallet snacks and meals. And this month’s round up of sites, resources and bits and pieces I’ve found that can help save money.

Have a good week.

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