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I took a trip to Home Depot last week and finally found sharpeners for the garden tools! Seems like I’m going to need them because the outside chores are never ending.

And on the topic of things you can’t put off, our deck and fence have seen better days and we’ve finally decided to just replace them. I’ve been busy trying to remove all the plants that are near the fence and deck so they don’t get trampled on when the new stuff is installed. It’s more money than you plan to spend but we’re looking at it as a worthwhile investment to add value to the house. Plus, as we’re spending money on home improvement instead of going on vacation this year, we figure a nice deck is something you need when you head out with a glass of lemonade and a good book.

I’ve been spending so much time outdoors, I’ve found myself scrambling for quick and easy meals. One thing that came to my rescue last week was the Pillsbury’s ready- made pie crust. I used a coupon and got two pie crusts for just over $2. One night I made a cheese and asparagus quiche. And another night a pot pie. Great pastry and if you’ve never tried it, give it a test drive some time. I even took a shortcut with the potatoes I served with it. Last month the supermarket had a dollar sale on certain items and one was the Idahoan potato mix. I’m not usually a fan of instant potatoes, but I thought for a dollar, they’re perfect for emergency pantry supplies. I have to say they were great and paired perfectly with a pot pie. Today I’m making focaccia (yes, the dough is hopefully rising as I write this) which I plan to use for grilled veggie sandwiches with pesto sauce.

Hope you’re signed up for the newsletter at Hot Coupon World www.hotcouponworld.com because last week they had links for more coupons than I’ve ever seen. I printed out a bunch of them and hope to save a bundle this Wednesday when my local supermarket has double coupon days.

This week on Budget Smart Girl- Some low cost food ideas for Memorial Day and saving money on your yard.

Have a good week and a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend.

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