The Blog-A Week of Deals

Last week the writing community was buzzing with news about a product called the Fly Fusion pen. You write with it then connect it to your computer and it downloads what you’re written straight into a word document. This sounded like a dream come true for me. Most of the time I use my laptop, but sometimes when the muse strikes while I’m watching TV, I’ll start writing in a notebook. Problem is I have to spend time typing my notes into the computer. This pen sounded very tempting so I went to the Web site and discovered it was originally $79.99 now marked down to $19.99. Had I read correctly? Yep, seemed I had. I ordered one and have been using it since Friday. I love it and I love it even more because it cost less than $20. Yes, it made this Budget Smart Girl smile.

And why do I mention this, well, I checked out some other products on the Leap Frog site, and if you’re looking for some birthday gifts for children or even want to start holiday shopping early, check out www.leapfrog.com. Their current sale not only includes the Fly Pen but some other great learning toys and gadgets for kids. If you’ve got some extra cash right now, go ahead and do some holiday shopping. We might not see prices this low again.

It seems like every retailer is drawing customers into their store by offering deals and more discount items. On Monday when I went grocery shopping and I noticed the supermarket now has a whole aisle’s worth of products that cost just a $1. I thought I might as well give some products a try and bought a box of dishwasher powder, a package of those dishwasher pouches that are supposed to make everything sparkling clean, a package of baking mix that looks similar to Bisquick and a Devil’s Food Cake mix. I plan to give them a test run this week and will let you know how they compared to higher priced items. Many people say all these products are made by the same manufacturers, so we’ll see if it’s true.

On Budget Smart Girl this week… some low cost, but oh, so delicious recipes with a Mardi Gras theme. And if you have children’s toys and clothes sitting around the house and wish you could trade them for something else, I think you’ll want to hear about this new swap site.

Have a good week and Happy Valentine’s Day.

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