Valentine’s Day for the Budget Savvy

Seems like celebrations creep up on us faster than we expect. And yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. I’m guessing some budgets might be recovering from the recent holiday season, but don’t panic, you can still find something to give to your loved ones. Here’s what I found-

If you or someone you know is a chocoholic, I don’t have to tell you the number one spot for great chocolate is Godiva. I can’t walk by one of their stores without going inside and at least doing some ‘window shopping’. Most of their chocolates used to be out of my price range, but here’s one good thing about our gloomy economy, even Godiva has slashed their prices. Go to
www.godiva.com and check out their Chocolate Covered Sale. They have some gifts starting at as low as $6. There’s a Godiva Chocolate Party Tower for just $13.50. And don’t miss the Winter Treasure Gift Basket, are you ready for this, it was $100 and now it’s just $35. I’m guessing there’s enough chocolate in there for you to divide up into two or three smaller gift bags or baskets.

No, not cuddly teddy bears but bears in chairs. And who can resist a bear in any shape or form. Check out www.bearsinchairs.com. You can personalize your own bear in a chair or pick from an assortment of bears from couples to families. Base price for the I Love You Bear is $13.99 and you can add on as your budget allows. They also offer free personalization.

Virtual Gifts
You might remember a company called Animoto made it onto my Holiday Gift Guide. Send a Valentine’s Video greeting for just $3…a card is probably going to cost you at least that much and this is so much nicer. www.animoto.com

And if you can’t afford red roses this year, check out this site. Yes, you can buy real flowers there, but you can also send your love a virtual bouquet. www.virtualflorist.com

Designer Gifts at Budget Friendly Prices
When I’m searching the Web looking for great sites to tell you about, I often stumble upon ones that have great prices but products that look like, well, just junk, and that’s not what being a Budget Smart Girl is all about. We want to be known for the wonderful gifts we give, they look expensive, but they’re not and that’s our little secret. So it’s always great when I stumble upon a site like this one www.designergifts.com. You can shop by price…always my favorite thing to do, and shop by recipient etc. While I haven’t seen these products in person, they look great for the price.

One of My Favs
One catalog I love to receive is from a company called Current. www.currentcatalog.com Lots of goodies and at great prices. Check out their Valentine’s merchandise for just about everyone on your list.

Relaxation on Budget Savvy Prices
A couple of weeks ago I was sent some information about Lush USA. Sometimes people send me news about items that they feel have a budget friendly price, but really aren’t, but I’m happy to say the products made by Lush fit the bill. Here are some you might like to check out-



Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar ($8.95)
Shave the Planet Shaving Cream ($14.95)

And I was working on an article about getting a good night’s sleep and was contacted by Rachel Timmerman the co-founder of Athenas Olive Tree. www.athenasolivetree.com When I checked out the Web site, well, the prices made this Budget Smart Girl smile. Rachel has recommended three romance related products that you might like to check out-



Romance Soap Bar: www.athenasolivetree.com/soaps_romance.htm $4.95
Romance Liquid Soap: www.athenasolivetree.com/soaps_romance_liquid.htm$ 9.95
Romance Soap Parfait www.athenasolivetree.com/soaps_romance_parfait.htm $10.95

And I’d also check out the Chocolate Bath Cookies for just $3.25 and The Romance Bath Sea Salts for $3.75/$7.50

And here’s a special offer, Rachel is offering you a 10% discount on your purchase. When you check out you’ll need to use the coupon code budgetsmartgirl to qualify. This offer is only valid from January 29th through February 10th.

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