The Blog-Sometimes I Can’t Resist Buying One

Don’t know about you, but sometimes I can’t resist buying one of the handy gadgets you see advertised on TV. The words ‘save you time and money’ gets this Budget Smart Girl every single time. I’m more cautious about handing over my money for these types of products now, but once in awhile I’m still willing to give something a try.

So what got my interest this time? The new Point and Paint system. Anyone else seen the ads? Some of you might remember that I’ll be giving my kitchen a makeover this spring and I have walls to paint. Not just regular walls, but ones that are way, way up there, I’m short, I hate climbing ladders. Yes, you get the picture. So when I heard the guy on the commercial saying with Point and Paint you can reach high spots with no dripping paint on your head, less trips up and down ladders to reload rollers, I was hooked. And then I found out you don’t even have to tape all the trim in the room. Hey, this really could save me time and money.

Well, I finally weakened, and on Friday I ordered a kit, which also comes with free lifetime replacement of the pads, you just pay shipping and handling each time. I’ll be giving the system a test drive when I finally get around to painting the entryway next month. Yes, for those of you who have followed the Budget Smart Girl from the beginning, you know the paint for the entryway has been sitting in my basement for a long time. I’ll let you know what I thought about the product and if it’s worth buying. If anyone’s already used it, I’d love to hear some feedback. And if you’re scratching your head wondering what I’m talking about, here’s their Web site with a video about how the product works www.pointnpaint.com

What’s lined up for Budget Smart Girl this week? A Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with a special offer just for you. And some tips for putting together a great Super Bowl bash.

And congratulations to Bernedette M who won the $50 SmartyPig gift card. She tells me she’s saving money for when her children get married.

And I had some subscribers from Canada ask me about the Upromise program that was mentioned in the newsletter and if you can use it there. Sorry to say you can’t but another subscriber told about the Futura Rewards program, here’s the link, www.futurarewards.ca

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