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Okay, I always look for bargains, the best prices, and I use coupons when I can, so I suppose it’s only natural that sometimes I get blamed for substandard products finding their way into my house.

Sometimes…but not always. The other week I was shopping for toilet paper and yes, I did find some on sale, but that wasn’t what made me buy it. The words ‘extra soft’ won me over. However, when the extra soft TP turned out to be not so extra soft or even a little bit soft and guess who got blamed, yes, me.

Luckily, I still had some rolls stored in the original packaging with the words Extra Soft stamped on there not once, but twice.

It just goes to prove that it isn’t just bargain brand TP that should be avoided.

Businesses are struggling now and if you’re a Budget Smart Girl who runs her or a guy who runs his, own business, how about partnering up with another business owner to cross promote and attract customers.

When I was at the check out at the supermarket, the clerk asked me if I knew about their latest promotion. I didn’t but it seems they’ve teamed with Best Buy. Buy a $50 Best Buy gift card from the supermarket and they give you $10 off your next grocery bill.
So, if you’re looking for some cross promotion, how about teaming up with another business and offering both sets of customers a special deal for using one another’s products or services. Seems like everyone’s struggling now so we might as well team up and weather out this slump together.

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