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    Vote Yet Again!

    Okay, you’ve probably already voted this week, but it’s time to do it again. This time it’s for the next Blogging Idol. One of the freelance writer newsletters I subscribe to is owned by Suzanne Franco. The reason I tell you this is because she’s also one of the contestants in this year’s Blogging Idol contest and also runs a Web site for people who want to start their own businesses and make more money…something we all want to do these days. So by stopping by her site, you can not only help her win this contest, but you can pick up some great tips and sign up for her…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Making the Most of Your Health Care Coverage

    It was one of the issues during the recent election season and for good reason. Health care prices are skyrocketing. Many employers are cutting back on the insurance coverage or making employees pay a bigger chunk of the bill. And even more common these days, lots of people are suddenly finding themselves unemployment and without affordable health insurance. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article for Arthritis Today called Big Bills, Big Worries. I found lots of tips and hints about reducing some of the cost of things like doctor’s visits and prescriptions. As many of them didn’t find their way into that article, I thought I’d share…

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    How Long Is it Good For?

    Yes, our goal as budget savvy cooks is to save money on the food we serve our families, but eating food that might be questionable won’t help your budget if you get sick and end up with a doctor’s bill. I’ve always wondered about those ‘expiration and best by’ dates you see on packages? Can they be trusted and should you toss away anything with an expired ‘best by date’? Are you risking getting salmonella poisoning if you eat something that’s a couple of days past that date? I was surprised to learn that all the dates are simply guidelines. In fact, the worst case scenario is that the food…

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    The Blog-Less is Sometimes Better

    I’ve been using a toner/astringent on my skin for as long as I can remember. I always thought it was an essential part of keeping my skin looking great. About a year ago I learned that the brand I’ve been using was going out of business. As I’ve got really sensitive skin, this sort of news sends me into a panic. I usually have to buy three or four new brands to find one that won’t break me out in a big red blotch. And it usually means I waste of ton of money because a bunch of almost full bottles of whatever just sit on the bathroom shelf. This…

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