The Blog-You Know Things Are Bad When…

If there’s anyone out there who’s not still convinced that the economy’s in a slump, here’s all the proof you need. On Friday I was taking a break from writing and was reading the latest entertainment news online. The big news of the day was that the soap opera Days of Our Lives had been forced to let two of its highest paid actors go because that’s the only way it could keep the soap on NBC for the next 18 months. I thought, wow, you know things are bad when actors are given the pink slip, not for sliding ratings, but budget cuts. I guess no job is safe these days.

And speaking of jobs, last week I was listening to a career advisor talk on a local radio show. The topic was how you can recession proof your job. She said if you’re in a job that brings money into the company, like a sales person, as opposed to a job where you’re costing the company money, you’re more likely to keep that job even in a bad recession. Something to think about if you’re looking for a new career.

And if you think times are bad just for us humans, even the birds must know something’s going on. We have three bird feeders and a feeder for suet in the backyard. I like to feed the birds for two reasons. One, I like to give our feathered friends something to eat when it’s cold outside. And two, I own an indoor cat who gets easily bored and watching birds land on the feeders keeps him entertained for hours. Last week I bought a bag of birdseed and some suet and filled all the feeders. We live in a wooded area so there’s no shortage of birds, but this year the number has tripled. I looked out just this morning and it reminded me of the Hitchcock movie, The Birds. I’ve never seen so many on the feeders and then even more were sitting in the trees waiting for the other birds to finish feeding. I can’t imagine we have any more birds in the area, so I can only assume people can’t afford to buy bird food or are cutting back on the amount they use and the birds are feeling the pinch too. The problem is now our bird food is disappearing in just a couple of days instead of weeks. Guess I’ll be putting on my Budget Smart Girl’s hat and looking for better deals on even bird food now.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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