The Blog-What’s So Bad About Lentil Loaf?

admin / November 18, 2008

While I was getting the oil changed in my car last month, I decided to walk to the library and spend an hour or so in there while the car was worked on. I passed the time by looking through some of the cookbooks and came across one for children called The Jumbo Vegetarian Cookbook by Judi Gillies and Jennifer Glossop. I skimmed through it and thought it had some great recipes that were very budget friendly. I decided to check so I could give it a test drive. The first one on my list was the vegetarian shepherd’s pie, which turned out to be a great hit at the dinner table. Next on my list was the lentil loaf. I used organic red lentils I purchased in the bulk bin at the supermarket so it made this dish even more budget savvy. I even made the mushroom gravy the book suggested accompany it. Side dishes included a baked potato and a combination of peas/carrots. The lentil loaf turned out perfectly, but then I ran into a roadblock. I made the mistake of announcing lentil loaf was for dinner. Lentils, wait a minute, that’s not real food, is it? What a fool I was because I ended up eating it myself. It was really tasty and the leftovers made great sandwiches. Yes, I was eating lentil loaf for lunch for a whole week.

The moral of my story, don’t tell them what’s for dinner or what it’s made of before they actually try it. Anyway, I can really recommend this cookbook. I tried out a few more dishes and then ordered my own copy from The ISBN is 1-55074-977-3. It’s published by Kids Can Press and if you buy it from Amazon, it’s just $10.17. Eating vegetarian is a great way to make your food dollar stretch even further and even if you just cut out meat/poultry/fish a couple of days a week, it can save you money too.

And if you’re going to pass on Black Friday this year and just stick with buying your holiday gifts online on Cyber Monday, I found this site that’s worth checking out.

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