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I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but where I live, my mailbox is now the daily recipient of offers from local supermarkets and restaurants. Yes, they’re all trying to get my business. One supermarket is once again offering their premium deals. For every $50 you spend, you get one point, collect eight and you get a $10 gift card, 15 nets a $20 gift card and so on. Another supermarket is offering a two week deal. Week one, a $5 coupon when you purchase $50 worth of groceries, week two, $10 off a $100 purchase. And a home delivery service that was going out of business was recently purchased by an out of town supermarket chain and therefore given a second chance. They’re offering $20 off a $100 purchase and free delivery. Their flyer also said they’re lowering their prices too. Restaurant wise, most restaurants are either offering $10 off the total price of the meal, or a two for one offer. One Mexican restaurant has an enchilada or taco platter for two for $14.99 and then if you take the receipt in there next time you eat, they give you $10 off. So technically, if you ordered the enchilada platter on the second visit, two of you could eat for just $4.99.

So what does all this mean? Everyone wants our business, which hopefully translates into better customer service too. And we don’t have to go searching for coupons now, looks like they’ll be landing in our mailbox on a regular basis.

And here’s a follow up to two products that I recently purchased and mentioned in a previous blog. The first one is the Yardworks, Sweep It. It cost around $50 and I have to say I love it. It’s saved me lots of work cleaning leaves. I give it an A and was well worth the money. The second product is the Color Maintenance Shampoo I purchased from Hair Care Choices. Cost was $10.99. I use it just once a week, so it will last a long time and it’s great. It brightens up the highlights and adds a wonderful shine to my hair. So I also give this an A and yes, it was definitely worth the money.

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