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    The Blog-Being Budget Smart is the ‘In Thing’

    Seems like everyone’s interested in being Budget Smart Girls these days. The economy might be in big trouble now, but there is a bright side. Just turn the TV, surf the Internet, even go to your local store and you’ll discover that just about everyone’s offering you ways to save money. Okay, I won’t brag here and tell you that I starting writing about the topic back in 2005, but it looks like watching those pennies is now the ‘in’ thing. It doesn’t take me very long to find other sites that are offering budget saving advice. Here are some I found last week- The first one is from the…

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    The Budget Smart Girl Gets a Financial Education

    I can’t remember when I first heard about the MoneyClub, www.moneyclubs.com but I do know that I bookmarked the site and signed up for their newsletter. MoneyClubs is all about sharing your goals with new friends, achieving your money dreams, meeting your saving goals, and reducing your debt. Some topics we all need help with these days. MoneyClubs also has a sister site, www.wife.org, which is a non-profit organization and stands for the Women’s Institute of Financial Education and helps us ladies take control of our own finances. Candace Bahr is one of the founders of both sites and is also an investment manager. She very kindly took time to…

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    More Ideas for Leftovers

    I love it when I opened up e-mail and someone’s sent me great money saving tips or recipes. This is an e-mail I received from The Spice Hunter. It got my attention and as this week’s topic is leftovers, I thought I’d share it with you. If there’s a collective groan every time you reach for the Tupperware stockpile in your fridge, it’s probably time to spice up what you reserve. While eating leftovers saves money, time, and resources, there’s no reason eating virtuously has to be boring. Below are tips from the flavor experts at The Spice Hunter to help you transform your leftovers into a delicious meal, incognito:…

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    Leftovers…they’re not so bad after all

    I might be in the minority here, but I love leftovers. I love the challenge of finding ways to use remnants from previous meals to create new ones. And for me, leftovers are almost like eating a free meal. And with food prices on the rise, who could ask for more. Vegetables How many times have you checked your refrigerator and found a cup of green beans in one dish, maybe carrots in another? When I find leftover vegetables on the shelf, the first thing that comes to mind is soup. Some of the best testing soups I’ve ever made started out as a bowl of leftover veggies. Minestrone, cheese…

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    Hair Care Choices-Five Stars

    If you read either of my articles about ways to extend the life of your hair color, you might remember someone recommending a product called Hair Color Maintenance Shampoo from Tressa. I ordered some last week from Hair Care Choices, www.haircarechoices.com and highly recommend their company. I only spent $10.99 but the shipping and handling was free, they shipped the product on the day I ordered it and the shampoo arrived two days later. An added plus was they included a coupon for 10% off my next purchase. They get five stars from this Budget Smart Girl.

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    The Blog-Sometimes You Find More Savings

    Last week I went along to get the ink cartridges for my printer refilled. I’ve been a customer of the store for at least three years. As I drove into the parking lot, I noticed that while everything looked the same, the store had no lights on, and the door had a note pinned to it. I thought that maybe they were closed for the day or something. It turns out that the paper taped to the door was an eviction notice. So this left me trying to find another place to get the ink cartridges refilled. I know a couple of stores have do it yourself refill centers, but…

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    Win The Ultimate Ladies Night Out Sweepstakes

    This was sent to me and I thought I’d pass it along to my fellow Budget Smart Girls, after all, winning a sweepstakes is just like getting free money. And this contest is just for the ladies. It’s the Ultimate Ladies Night Out Sweepstakes sponsored by State Farm Insurance. There will be five winners total, and each prize winner gets to take three of their best friends on a ladies night out. The prize includes concerts tickets, hotel and limo and a $2,000 Visa gift card. You can view the whole deal and enter the sweepstakes at www.sfredlive.com. Good luck.

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    No Cooking Skills Required

    I think one reason that many people rely on eating out and store bought foods isn’t due to their lack of time, it’s their lack of confidence in the kitchen. Friends tell me that I’m lucky because I like to cook, that I know how to cook and that must save me a ton of money. That’s true but you don’t have to be a gourmet chef to make meals that has everyone coming back for more. Cooking Doesn’t Mean PerfectionIf you’re scared that everyone’s going to hate what you cook, take the plunge anyway. Even top chefs were once beginners and just about everyone has a disaster or two…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Products to Help Keep You and Your Home Warm This Winter

    These days opening your electricity or gas bill can leave you in state of total shock. Just last week, our local utility company placed a newsletter in with our bill telling us that the prices will be increasing this winter. And as yesterday morning was the first chilly one of the season, it got me thinking about inexpensive ways to keep warm this winter. So for all you Budget Smart Girls who like to stay toasty warm, here are some products I’ve found to help stretch your energy dollar. The best thing is that they’re all reasonably priced and will give you a good return for your investment. Windows Did…

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