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Last week I got some great buys. My local DIY store was selling wooden clothes racks for $7.98. I’ve been hanging the washing outside on a clothesline, and now that the weather’s turned colder, they’re taking forever to dry. I thought about hanging a clothesline in the basement, but then I saw these wooden racks. I bought two of them, one using the $3 in store rebate I received from buying paint this summer. The clothes might take a bit longer to dry, but it’s not a big deal. You save money on energy and you get more wear out of your clothing. And here’s a tip I found last week. Don’t use the permanent press feature on your washing machine because it uses twice as much water than the other settings.

My next good buy was at IKEA. We went shopping there on Saturday. I love strolling around in that place, looking at all the new stuff. However, my favorite spot to head to is the kitchenware section. It just so happened I was looking for two new cookie sheets. My old ones were eight years old and ready for the garbage can. I bought two new ones at IKEA, $3.98 each. They’re sturdy; Teflon coated, and hopefully will last eight years! I also headed to their Foodmarket. I love the Swedish sparkling fruit juices and they were on sale for 3 bottles for $7.98. (Today I saw the very same thing in the local supermarket 2 bottles for $7). It always makes this Budget Smart Girl smile when she knows she’s got a good deal someplace else. And being that I’m a chocoholic, I couldn’t say no to the 3 large bars of dark chocolate for just $2.98. Hey, a Budget Smart Girl has to treat herself now and then.

And here’s a follow up to my post last week about the difference in price from one vet clinic to another for cleaning my cat’s teeth. Last Wednesday he had his teeth cleaned and needed three extractions, total cost was $233. That’s $100 less than the base price at the other vet. I feel really good knowing that my cat’s teeth could be checked out immediately, and that he didn’t have to wait a couple of months until I’d saved the $900 that the other vet wanted for the very same work.

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