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If the following incident wouldn’t have happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed it. A couple of weeks ago I took my cat to the vet for his annual check-up and rabies shot. I’ve been taking him to this particular vet for about three years now. The vet checked his teeth and said he had some mild tartar that wasn’t anything too serious, but then she noticed some cavities. They’re not like the cavities we get and apparently most cats over eight years of age are prone to them. She said there was a strong possibility that he might have to get them extracted. They gave me an estimate for cleaning, x—rays, and the top end of the estimate was close to $450.

When I got home and looked over all the items, I noticed they didn’t include the tooth extractions. I phoned them and asked if they could e-mail me another invoice and to include any tooth extractions. They finally called and said they couldn’t tell me the exact price until the teeth were actually extracted, but the total would probably be close to $1,000. Something told me this was on the high side so I just happened to ask someone if they knew a good animal clinic. They did and I took the cat there for a dental check-up.

Bottom line is to clean his teeth and two possible extractions is going to be around $240. What a difference in price, and not just $60 or even $100, but around $600. If $1,000 would have been the going price for this sort of procedure then I would have gladly somehow fitted it into the budget. However, for one vet’s office to charge that much more, I think is pretty outrageous. And you can guess that I won’t be using their services any more.

Morale of this tale, check prices for everything, products and services. And ask family, friends, co-workers for recommendations.

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