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I always like to pass along tips and money saving articles to you and here’s something that was sent from Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kits. It’s full of great ideas that won’t break the bank.

Spooktacular Halloween Parties for Every Age by Penny Warner with Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kits

Halloween is a favorite holiday for children across the country and it’s no wonder why. They get to dress up as their favorite hero, collect a bunch of candy and go to Halloween parties. Help your kids experience Halloween safely by hosting a Spooktacular Halloween party. Here are a few party ideas to make your séance extra spooky for every kid this October!

Pumpkin Party (Preschool Age)
Instead of inviting spooky spirits and ghastly ghosts to your preschool party, introduce Halloween gently to the small set with a pumpkin-themed party!

Set up a Pumpkin Patch
Buy or rent hay bales from the feed store and arrange them into a maze in the backyard. Hide small pumpkins under loose hay at the end of the maze. Cut out crows from black construction paper and tape them to the fence and trees. Draw funny Jack O’Lantern faces on orange helium balloons and tie them to the hay.

Play in the Pumpkin Patch
Try some of these games for some more fun with preschoolers:

Walk the Maze
Let the kids try to find their way through the hay maze to the pumpkins hidden at the other end.

Paint a Pumpkin
When they find their pumpkins, let the kids paint them with poster paint or decorate them with stickers.

Pumpkin Bowling
Set out plastic 2-liter bottles in a row. Use your Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kit to inflate and tie orange helium balloons to the tops of each bottle. Give the kids a small round pumpkin without the stem and let them “bowl” down the pins.

Catch the Runaway Pumpkins
Use your Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kit to blow up a bunch of orange helium balloons and tie ribbons to them so they’re barely within reach of the kids’ hands when they float on the ceiling. Then let the kids try to jump up and catch as many balloons as they can.

Dress the Scarecrow
Lay out some old clothes, such as overalls, a flannel shirt and a straw hat and work together to build a funny scarecrow. Draw a face on an orange helium balloon to use for the head.

Pumpkin Patch Refreshments
Serve Pumpkin Punch (orange juice punch) and mini pumpkin pies. Let the kids decorate their own pumpkin-shaped cookies with tubes of frosting and sprinkles.

Medieval Magic (Elementary Age)
Kids in elementary school love to dress up as their mythical heroes, slay dragons and do a little magic, so host a Medieval Party complete with wizards, witches and warlocks.

Build a Haunted Castle
Gather several large appliance boxes and paint them gray. Tape them together to form a castle and add detail with black poster paint. Attach black or silver helium balloons to the castle towers and hang a flag at the top of the highest point. Cut out doors and windows so the kids can enter the castle.

Medieval Mischief
Spend a magical night of wild wizardry with these games and activities:

Knight the Guests
Ask the kids to come dressed for the theme, then add appropriate accessories to their costumes, such as flower garlands and cone-shaped hats for the girls, plastic helmets and cloaks for the boys.

Make and Take
Have the girls make their own candy necklaces out of candies strung onto string and add them to their costumes. Let the boys make their own swords from cardboard and paint.

Magic Tricks
Teach the kids some simple magic tricks, and then let them perform for one another. Include a few science experiments, such as The Exploding Volcano or Slime for added wizardry.

Sword Play
Use your Balloon Time Helium Balloon Kit to inflate a bunch of helium balloons and see how many the kids can pop using only their cardboard swords.

Castle Refreshments
Have the bakery make a Castle Cake or let the kids make their own mini-castles using graham crackers, with frosting to hold it together and tiny candies for decoration. When they’re finished, let the kids eat their castles. Wash it down with “Grog” (any kind of punch).

Fortune Telling and Tarot (Teenagers)
Teens like a touch of danger and mystery with their Halloween celebrations, so welcome them to a spooky scene where ghosts seem to come alive.

Spooktacular Setting
Choose a room for the party and welcome the spirits inside. Cover the windows in black cloth or paper to darken the room, then light candles and turn on a black light for atmosphere. Add cobwebs, plastic spiders and the occasional fake body part here and there. Write fortunes on small pieces of paper and insert them into black balloons. Inflate them with helium for a decoration and use them later for a party game.

Summon the Ghouls for Spirited Fun
Here are some awe-full activities for the teenage crowd:

Let the Séance Begin
Set up a round table and cover it with a black cloth. Hide a microphone speaker under the table, with the mic in another room. Inflate a white balloon with helium to use as a crystal ball, and cover it with a lightweight handkerchief. Carry it to the table and hold it until the séance begins. Set it in the middle of the table and have everyone join hands. Watch as the crystal ball begins to rise up mysteriously and have someone in the other room talk to the guests from “beyond.”

The Cards Don’t Lie
Buy a tarot deck and study the meanings of the cards. Then tell the fortunes of the other guests – just for fun. Or, make up funny fortunes for added laughs.

The Spirits Are Not Happy
One by one, pop the black balloons over the heads of the guests, and warn them their fortunes are about to fall upon them. Have them open and read the fortunes that land nearby.

There’s a Body in the Library
Set up a crime scene and have the guests solve a mystery, using clues that have been hidden around the room.

Ghoulish Goodies
Serve drinks from a tub filled with dry ice. Make “finger” sandwiches – sandwiches cut into strips with an almond pressed into one end to form a finger with a fingernail. Let the teens make their own Pizza Mini-Monsters, with pizza dough, sauce and a variety of toppings formed to make a freaky face.

Penny Warner has more than 25 years of experience as an author and party planner. She has published more than 50 books, including 16 specific to parties. Additionally, Warner wrote a weekly newspaper column on family life for 11 years, penned a column for Sesame Street Parents magazine and has appeared on several regional and national TV morning programs. Visit www.balloontime.com

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