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For the last month or so, it seems like my do list has been getting longer and longer. I’ve been putting in extra hours trying to finish my new manuscript. And attempting to finish work on my Budget Savvy Cook manuscript for its deadline of September 30th. Despite being frustrated by the lack of time, I haven’t stopped spending a few hours here and there trying to find ways to save money.

For example, last week I realized that my car was due for an oil change. I had a coupon for $20.99 which is due to expire this week. Should I try and squeeze it into my schedule? I usually drop the car off at the store and then walk to the library, so it’s not completely wasted time. I knew things would be tight this week so I went on the store’s Web site to see if they had any other coupons that had longer expiration dates. And what did I find? A coupon for an oil change for $18.99 and a free tire rotation. And then if you upgrade to a higher quality of oil, there’s a $10 rebate. My tip here is before you do any shopping, visit the company’s Web site.

I’m a big fan of coupons I can use at the grocery store and these days I try and find coupons you can use at other venues too. This week I’ll be use a 10% discount coupon I was sent for having the Petco Pals card. It arrived just at the right time because we’re running low on cat food. And as the ink cartridges in my printer are almost empty and I’m running low on typing paper, I’ll be heading to the cartridge refill store with my $3 off any cartridge refill and a free ream of paper coupon. And let’s not forget my frequent user card that’s almost full and will yield one free cartridge on my next visit.

These might all seem like small amounts of savings and money, but these days every penny counts, so don’t overlook any coupon that lands in your mailbox.

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