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There are two types of purchases, those for items we need and those for items we want. While I always struggle thinking about purchases in the ‘want’ category, sometimes buying them isn’t all that frivolous.

Take for example the predicament I faced this week. On Saturday I was looking through the flyer for the local DIY store and noticed a section on everything you could possibly need for the upcoming fall season. Rakes, plastic bags to collect the leaves, and this little goodie… a sweeper that you push over your grass or sidewalk and it picks up leaves for you. Now that got my attention because our house backs on to a heavily wooded area and yes, by mid October, we’re knee deep in leaves. The price for this yard helper was $59.99. No, it wouldn’t break the bank, but did I really need to add it to my repertoire of garden tools? My initial thought was no but then I kept thinking about it for the rest of the day. I have leaves to clean in fall and then again in spring, so this yard helper would get used for about six weeks. No, it wouldn’t do all the work for me. I’d still have to push it and empty it frequently into garbage bags. I wouldn’t be able to use it on sections of garden with rock and mulch. But it would cut down on the amount of raking I have to do and all the aches and pains, especially in my hands, from all that work. And after all, my hands need to be in top condition for writing, right?

This yard helper was looking more tempting by the minute and then I remembered I had two rebate coupons from this DIY store. Remember the school supplies I purchased from there a couple of months ago? One coupon was for $5, the other $10. If I used both, that would bring the purchase price down to $44.99. Without giving it much more thought, yesterday I headed to the DIY store and brought home a yard sweeper.

The moral of this purchase for a Budget Smart Girl… if it’s a want and not a need, yes, give it plenty of thought. Do you really need it? Will it save you time? Remember saving time can also save you money too? Will it save you money? Can you rent it? Do you know anyone who will let you borrow one? How many times do you think you’ll use it? Is the upkeep expensive?

In this case, the pluses outweighed the minuses and I saved $15.

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