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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Free Stuff on the Web

    One of the great things about writing about saving money is people send me links to sites they think might be of interest to my readers. And other times I’ll stumble across a great site while I’m researching an article. I’ve bookmarked a whole bunch of them and keep meaning to put them into various articles. However, I thought why not put them all into one. So here some sites definitely worth checking out- Free Classes If there’s one thing I love about the Internet, it’s the ability to take a class without leaving my home office. I’ve taken two writing classes in the last couple of months through my…

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    The Blog-A Consumer’s Dilemma

    A couple of weeks ago I was in the middle of trimming the grass with my Black and Decker Grass Hog when the spool ran out. Buying a replacement spool has usually been simple. I just visit the local DIY store and get a new spool for under $7. However, this time, things weren’t that easy. The DIY store was out of that particular model and after visiting a couple more stores, I discovered that they don’t make this particular model of Grass Hog now. And yes, guess what, that means finding the spools is going to be more difficult. I really like this particular trimmer, it’s easy to use,…

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