The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to What to Wear this Fall

I know it’s tough, but sometimes being a slave to fashion trends can cost you big time. And I speak from experience. One way to look fashionable and not break the bank is to stay with the basics. Stick with what you know suits your body type. And always ask yourself, ‘would I really wear this if it wasn’t in style?’ If you can’t say yes with all honesty, put it back on the rail.

I’ve been reading through some fashion magazines and trying to get a feel for what’s going to be hot this fall. Thankfully, it looks like nothing too outrageous is hitting the stores this year. Any of the following trends might be a good investment for years to come and I’m happy to say that I have a few of these items already hanging in my closet.

Wide Leg Pants
Without giving away my age, I’ll say I can remember when wide leg pants were the hot trend. Good thing is they hide more of our flaws and can look causal or classic. My tip, stick with basic colors like black, brown and navy. These colors pair up with just about anything you wear with them and their colors that never seem to go out of style.

Long Skirts
I have to admit that I’m a big fan of long skirts so I’m glad they’ve made a return to the stores. They’re great for fall and winter, yes, they keep your legs warmer and they look great paired with boots. Add a sweater and you’ve got a nice looking ensemble for the chilly months ahead.

Blouses with lots of Ruffles
Once again, I’m in luck because I have at least half a dozen blouses with ruffles in my closet. And best of all you can pair them with the wide leg pants and the long skirt. Another plus, you can dress them with some black pants or skirt and they’re glamorous enough for evening wear too.

The hot color this year…black. You just can’t go wrong with that color. I can’t think of a color, okay maybe navy blue, that doesn’t pair with black. It’s a great color for the office or the night out on the town. And even bargain priced items seem to look more expensive in black.

A quick look through my closet didn’t reveal anything that’s true plaid, other than a couple of scarves and a winter wrap that you can wear over a sweater or even a coat. I think this might be more of a one season trend, so don’t go overboard and stock up on the tartans and plaids this year. Stick with plaids and tartans in accessories or just the one skirt.

Flat Ballerina Shoes
Yes, the flat ballet type shoes are putting in another appearance. I’m seeing them just about everywhere. They’re not my favorite styles, but even if they do go out of style by spring, you can always use them as shoes to wear around the house.

Where to Buy the Clothes
So now you know what to look for, where are some places to pick up bargains?
While I haven’t shopped at one of the stores but I’ve heard that they do have a good selection of items and at prices that won’t break the bank. Steve and Barry’s, check out their Web site to find a store near you www.steveandbarrys.com

I’ve had some good buys at Kmart and I like their Route 66 line for things like jeans. www.kmart.com

Online retailers you might like to check out are www.forever21.com and www.chadwicks.com. I’ve had some great bargains from them and I like their service.

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