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Where did summer go? Seems like only yesterday if was Independence Day. I have a ton of stuff I want to get done in the next couple of weeks. One is head to the farmer’s market and pick up some produce to turn into meals for fall and winter. One of my biggest splurges at the supermarket is sundried tomatoes. I love to eat them in grilled cheese sandwiches, omelets, you name it. Yes, they’re pricey and easy to make yourself. Every summer I vow to buy a tray of tomatoes and make my own but I never get around to it. Just the other day I received a cooking magazine and noticed they had a recipe for sundried tomatoes. I think that was enough incentive to force me to pick up some tomatoes this week and make a batch this weekend.

One of the other things on my must do list, is paint the trim under the gutters on the house. Last year a storm came through and damaged the trim. We hired a company to install new trim, but unfortunately it wasn’t pre-painted. I’m the painter in the family and I’ve been putting it off all summer. I’ve found excuse after excuse, but when I picked up this week’s flyer from our local DIY store, I saw that the exterior paint is on sale and you also get a $5 rebate. Once again, a great incentive to head to the store and buy it while it’s on sale. At least I’ll have the paint ready for when I get motivated about the job.

You know I love looking for budget related sites and I found this one. It reminded me of the show the Good Life with Felicity Kendal and Richard Briers. Anyone remember that show where he quits his high paying, but stressful job to become self sufficient? Okay, you might not want to keep pigs in your backyard and use the manure to fuel your furnace, but this site gives you lots of easy ideas about growing your own food and becoming more self sufficient which often means saving a ton of money. www.goselfsufficient.co.uk

And using coupons to help stretch your food dollar is becoming more essential than ever. One way to get coupons is to go straight to the manufacturer’s site. One I really like is Pillsbury, they own lots of companies so the coupons you get aren’t just for Pillsbury products. Go to www.pillsbury.com and click on coupons and promotions. You have to sign up, but I think it’s definitely worth it because some coupons are for $1 and if your local store has a double coupon day, it’s big savings for you.

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