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    Making the Most of Summer Produce

    One of the things I love most about summer is that there are so many fruits and vegetables to choose from. And best of all, you get to eat some that aren’t available all year round. While produce isn’t as cheap as it once was, now’s still a great time to make the most of what summer has to offer. But It’s Hot Outside It’s often unbearable to think about hot foods when it’s 90 degrees outside, but summer is the best time to start planning ahead. One chore I have on my do to list every summer is to make soup and freeze it ready for fall and winter…

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    The Blog-Staying a Budget Smart Girl

    I’ve had a busy couple of weeks. The garden was starting to look like the weeds were taking over. The garage needed some organizing. My editor sent the galleys for my novel. I’m trying to finish the first drafts of both a non-fiction and fiction book by August 1st. And of course, I’m trying to set up writing related work ready for the fall. I’ve been tempted to resort to take out food, or even eating out. I say I’ve been tempted and that’s all because I haven’t given up being a Budget Smart Girl. But it did get me thinking that when you’re pushed for time and have so…

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    Making Salads Super

    When the thermometer rises, you not only need to get in and out of the kitchen ASAP, but you want to eat something light too. I can’t think of a better meal than a salad to meet these two needs. An Everyday Salad Whether it’s summer or winter, one thing I like to keep in the fridge is my own mini salad bar. Just a few items like romaine lettuce or field greens, shredded carrots, chopped cucumber and tomatoes. I’ll usually combine the lettuce and carrots together in a large serving bowl, but I’ll wait to wash and cut the cucumber and tomatoes until a few hours before I serve…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Saving Time

    If there’s one saying that could be the mantra for Budget Smart Girls, it’s ‘time is money’. How often do you waste time looking for lost items and/or backtracking when you run errands? Do you ever think about all the time you waste…valuable time that you could be spending on leisure pursuits or better yet, making money? Here are some tricks I’ve found to shave off a few minutes or even hours during the day. Make a List For me, making a ‘must do’ and a ‘try to do’ list, every day is essential to keeping everything in my life running smoothly. Here are a couple of Web sites that…

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