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Doesn’t it seem like every time you turn on the radio, turn on the TV, there’s even more bad news about the economy? Last week I turned on the radio in my car while I headed out to do my shopping and errands for the day. My first stop was the supermarket which is only about a mile away, and in that short time I heard two negative reports about the economy and how things could get worse before they get better. Could things go downhill from here? Well, it seems, and excuse the cliché here, that every cloud as a silver lining. I came up with five good things about the current slump.

One-articles about ways to save money are in abundance now. Here’s a link to one I found last week on Yahoo!

Two-rumor has it that great customer service is back in style. Yes, that’s right; companies and business are fighting for our business now. They’re offering more discounts, coupons, and yes, they might actually show up on the day and time they tell you.

Three-and this is connected with the above, it seems we the consumers are back in the driver’s seat. Companies and stores now expect us to haggle over prices, expect not so perfect merchandise to be deeply discounted, and accept that we’re going to do a lot of shopping around before we buy just about anything.

Four-purchases now come with bonuses. I’ve seen no end of commercials for store sales that are offering $100 gift cards for either gas or groceries.

Five-everybody is learning to live like a Budget Smart Girl. I’ve heard people are eating out less, using leftovers, mending shoes and fixing clothing and not just throwing them away. Walking instead of driving…well, the list goes on. Will it last long after this rough patch is history…only time will tell?

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