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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide To Travel Bargains

    Right now it seems like we can’t win when it comes to traveling. Gas prices are creeping up to $4 a gallon, which puts a squeeze on both road and air travel. But as Budget Smart Girls know, there’s always a way round high prices. Whether you’re hitting the road or taking to the friendly skies this summer, here are some tips and sights to help your money stretch further. Airfares You might have found somewhere cheap to stay, but now it’s getting there on a budget. A couple of sites to check out include www.cheapflights.com and www.cheaptickets.com. Last year I chatted with Marita Hudson Thomas who is part of…

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    Some Natural Products Worth Checking Out

    While I carefully watch how I spend my money, I’m also careful about the products I buy. If I’m able to squeeze a few natural and/or organic items into the budget, so much the better. Here are four such items I think are worth checking out. Noble Juices Noble Juices is a Florida based company that produce fruit juice such as blood orange and tangerine cranberry. The flavors are very intense and what I think is budget friendly about them is you can dilute them or add half sparkling water and make one bottle go even further. I made ice pop treats with them too. And even used the blood…

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    The Blog-An Ounce of Prevention

    Last week I forced myself to do something I hate…visit the dentist for my six-month cleaning and check up. Like many people, I’m petrified to even step through the door of a dentist’s office. My fear started when I was two years old and Mom took me along to sit with her while she had a cavity filled. Her theory was if I saw first hand that there was nothing to be afraid of, then I’d have no fear getting my teeth checked out. A sound theory, but that day something went horribly wrong. The dentist let the drill slip in mom’s mouth. I was quickly thrown out of the…

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    Portion Control-One Way To Be Budget Smart

    A couple of things got me thinking about one easy way to make your food dollar stretch even further, eating less. I don’t mean starving yourself to save money, but simply cutting back on the portion sizes. There’s been lots of media coverage about this topic. Most of us eat more calories than we actually need, and hence, pack on the pounds. And restaurants serve us portion sizes that could easily feed two people. The two things that got me thinking about this topic were, one, I was sent this very interesting article ‘Lose Weight and Eat Well on $6 a Day’. And the second thing was that last weekend…

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    The Budget Smart Girl Guide to One Way To Make Money

    Etsy and a Chat with Rachael Ward If you read my Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Selling Arts and Crafts, you might remember I mentioned an online community called Etsy www.etsy.com. It just so happened that after I wrote that piece I was working on another article, this one was about cosmetics. When I went looking for people to feature I was contacted by Rachael Ward, who by coincidence sells her line of cosmetics on Etsy. As I planned to write about places that Budget Smart Girls can sell homemade items, and Etsy being one of them, I asked Rachael if she’d like to share her experience, what it’s like…

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    The Blog-The Four Day Work Week

    Seems likes everyone’s talking about a four-day work week. Some companies and schools have already switched to a shorter week hoping it will save gas. Another idea is to allow more employees to become telecommuters. When you’re a telecommuter you not only save money on gas but also food and clothing too. One, you don’t have to dress in expensive attire; jeans and t-shirts are perfectly okay. And if you’re working from home, you’re more likely to eat in and not out. And not to mention there’s no vending machine to wander off to when you get hungry. Another plus, if you work for yourself, you can get lots more…

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