The Blog-Isn’t It Ironic?

admin / June 30, 2008

Here’s a story I heard on one of my local news stations last week. Seems like lots of people are tired of the ever increasing price of gas and so they’re leaving their cars at home and opting to take public transport instead.
Great, you think, they’re saving money and saving energy, but wait, there’s more. The folks who run public transportation for the area think because of their increasing ridership, they now have no alternative but to put the prices up.
My first thought, how ironic. And doesn’t it seem like we just can’t win these days? We switch to a cheaper mode of transportation and then get hit with more price hikes.

And thinking of other modes of transportation, we finally gave in and bought a bike rack. Up till now if we wanted to go farther afield with the bikes we had to take them in two cars. Now we just need one car and we’re happy knowing that we’ll be saving money on gas this summer.

With the holiday weekend just around the corner, lots of people have the word vacation on their minds. I’m hearing about more people who are putting their plans on hold. Yes, even vacations that were already planned because they can’t afford the gas or the airline price increases. If you’re interested in half vacation, half adventure, I did find this article by from the Sierra Club that might give you some ideas.

And this week I found out that what you think is a bargain, isn’t always one. Yesterday I stopped by the local produce stand and saw they had some watermelons. I needed one for a couple of recipes and thought $6 was a good price because these were monster watermelons. Nope, I should have saved my money and waited another day. I walked into the supermarket this morning and what greeted me at the door? Yes, a box of watermelons that are on sale this week, any size for just $3. Lesson learned…you can’t get a bargain every time!

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