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Are we really changing our habits due to the bad economy? Seems like in the last seven days or so I’ve read no end of articles about the way we’re changing our daily routines because of the high price of items like gas. I read one piece that said push mowers were in short supply because everyone wanted one. Another article said that bike and scooter sales had spiked and that more people were traveling to work on one of these alternative forms of transportation. Um, I thought, doesn’t seem like that’s happening where I live. The neighborhood is still buzzing with gas powered mowers, and I haven’t seen anyone going to work on bikes or scooters. In fact, yesterday we decided to eat out for Sunday lunch and rode bikes to the restaurant instead of taking the car. On the ride home I just thought about how many cars I saw…seemed like everyone was out and about for Sunday drive! Maybe my neck of the woods is the exception.

And another sign of the times…I heard on the radio last week that because of the slumping economy many Baby Boomers are now putting off retirement. And I personally know a few who were already retired and have gone back to part time work to pay their bills. I’m wondering if my parent’s generation will be the last of the retirement crowd, and if by the time I reach my golden years, retirement as we know it will be history.

And this article didn’t surprise me. In fact, if you’re the one responsible for buying groceries in your family, you know this only too well. Food prices have made the biggest jump in 18 years. I’m more concerned than ever about not wasting a single thing and making the most of leftovers, so I was happy to find this site last week. www.supercook.com Type in what you have sitting around the pantry or fridge and it will give you suggestions on dishes you can make. An added plus is they actually give you the recipes too. I have to admit I got hooked on it and spent a bit too much time roaming around the site. For a Budget Smart Cook, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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