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I received a postcard in the mail last week and I read something that I didn’t ever think I’d see. It was from a plumber who’d done some work for us several years ago. Until August 31st he’s going to waiver his call out fee for his former customers. I’m thinking either he’s being very generous or he’s not getting the work he once did. I don’t know this man personally so I can’t say whether he’s of the generous nature, but I’m thinking times are getting tough for even tradesman like plumbers. Not so long ago the average plumber, electrician, you name it, charged $100 just to stand at your door and announce their arrival. Now they’re sending out postcards and willing to forgo the easiest $100 they probably ever made. Must be a sign of the times.

And here’s another marketing ploy I came across last week. My local supermarket is being remodeled. The place is a nightmare to shop in. It takes me twice as long to find where everything’s been moved to, and half the produce department has been taken away while it’s redesigned. Me being always short on time, and yes, sometimes short on patience when I can’t find what I’m looking for, thought about shopping someplace else. That was until I noticed they’re offering saving points at the exact time they’re remodeling. For every $50 you spend, you get one point. Earn so many points by July 19th and you can either redeem them for a gift card at the supermarket or a gift card at a local gas station. I’m thinking they must have realized their regular customers, like me, might just think about spending their money elsewhere and knew but knew the incentive to get a gift card for groceries or gas was just the thing to keep loyal customers shopping there.

And I’m glad to see a local produce stand has opened up shop in the parking lot of one of the local gas stations. I’ve set myself a goal to ride my bike down there and buy some local produce. Free exercise, saving gas and buying local, what more could you ask from a Budget Smart Girl.

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