Some Natural Products Worth Checking Out

admin / June 10, 2008

While I carefully watch how I spend my money, I’m also careful about the products I buy. If I’m able to squeeze a few natural and/or organic items into the budget, so much the better.

Here are four such items I think are worth checking out.

Noble Juices
Noble Juices is a Florida based company that produce fruit juice such as blood orange and tangerine cranberry. The flavors are very intense and what I think is budget friendly about them is you can dilute them or add half sparkling water and make one bottle go even further. I made ice pop treats with them too. And even used the blood orange flavor in a salad dressing.

Hansen’s Natural
I’ve been buying Hansen’s soda for many years. They now have a new line called Hansen’s Sparkling Refreshment. They’re available in regular and sugar free varieties with such flavors as blueberry/pomegranate, cranberry/grapefruit, dragonfruit and Valencia orange.
The regular variety contains just 90 calories per can and all are 100% caffeine, sodium and preservative free. They don’t add high fructose corn syrup and are instead sweetened with real cane sugar. I loved all four of the flavors, and while I’m not a fan of grapefruit, I loved this one. You can really taste the true flavors of all the fruits. I recommend them as a refreshing treat when the temperatures rise.

Surya Brasil Organic Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer
Call me obsessed with keeping germs at bay, but I always carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in my purse. I was thrilled to hear about this organic variety. It contains no parabens or petrochemicals and is gentle on sensitive skin.
It smells wonderful too. Your hands don’t smell like rubbing alcohol after you’ve used it. And another plus is this one doesn’t burn or sting if you have a cut on your fingers. And best of all it doesn’t make your hands feel sticky after you’ve used it. It’s available in two sizes. One is ideal for your purse, the other, either your car or even to pop into the picnic cooler this summer. 2.02 fl. Oz. $4.99, 6.76 fl oz. $14.99

Natural Dentist
If you read my blog about an ounce of prevention, you’ll know one way to save money on dental bills is to take good care of your teeth. Here’s a line of products from a company called Natural Dentist that might help you do just that. They offer both toothpaste and mouthwashes. No petroleum by products and no artificial dyes.

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