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    The Budget Smart Cook Loves Brown Bag Lunches

    What’s an easy way to save money on food? Take a brown bag lunch at work or school every day. A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from Joanne Lichten, Sunbelt Snacks’ registered dietitian and author of Dr. Jo’s How to Stay Healthy and Fit on the Road. Here’s what she had to say- “We all know how easy it is to hit the local diner or even fast food spot for lunch…but then we did the math. A $6 lunch multiplied by a 5 days a week costs us $1,440 a year. That’s a house payment for many of us or a couple of car payments.” The simple…

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    The Blog-A Tale of Two Lifestyles

    I can’t remember exactly where I saw this article, but I know it was on the Internet last week. Anyway, this Budget Smart Girl found it very interesting because the article was about the ever-increasing number of people who are being forced to sell their belongings. Half the people interviewed were selling everyday items…and sadly some items that had sentimental value, to pay for utility or medical bills, or even just to fill up the gas tank to get to work. The other interviewees were people who were selling designer bags and shoes. And yes, they’re originally paid upwards of $2,000 for these items and now were forced to part…

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