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Anyone watch Good Morning America this morning? I don’t usually watch TV in the mornings, but I just happened to tune in today while I was getting ready to go out.

Not being a regular watcher of GMA, and judging by the segment I watched, they’d obviously asked viewers to send in their tips for saving money on food.

One lady was an avid coupon clipper. She only bought an item if it was on sale and if she had a coupon for that item. It looked like she was a pro at it. She had a file folder full of coupons and when she left the store she actually carried it on her shoulder.

Another viewer said she bought wheat berries and ground them into flour, which worked out to be a lot cheaper than buying a bag of flour. She then used the flour to make her own bread. Another viewer and her husband had a swimming pool in their backyard but thought they could put it to much better use. They filled in with dirt and now plan to plant a vegetable garden.

I can’t remember who was being interviewed in the studio about this segment but she was talking to Diane Sawyer about how we shouldn’t throw any food away. What a Budget Smart Girl. It’s true anything can become another meal. Leftovers can be added to other foods etc. I was just thinking the other day about the way my mom would roast meat on Sunday and tip all the fat into a jug. The next day when it was solid and yes, somewhat jelly like underneath, she’d spread it on bread or toast and eat it. It was an awful thing to witness, but she said both her grandmothers did that and nothing went to waste. Seems like we’re back to following our grandparents and great grandparent’s way of life. And yes, maybe being a Budget Smart Girl will be back in vogue.

And thinking about people growing vegetables in their backyards, I just saw a story about people who are finding oil in their yards. Yes, makes you think of the old TV show The Beverly Hillbillies doesn’t it? Last week I was listening to the radio and the reporter said we could soon see oil at $200 a barrel. Yikes, what will a gallon of gas cost? And if you think things are bad here, in the UK a litre of gas costs five pounds. I’m not sure what the exchange rate is today, but that must mean it’s close to $10. Hey, get out into those backyards and start digging!

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