The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Mineral Makeup

These days you can’t miss the commercials for the mineral makeup products that have hit the market in the last few years or so. My first reaction was it’s a fad, a craze, and just another reason to take our money. However, I started to do some research and heard only good things about this type of makeup. The only problem was when I looked at the prices they were almost double the amount of their regular counterparts. As you know all us Budget Smart Girls like to get our money’s worth. So I set out to find if 1) mineral makeup is really worth the extra money. And 2) where I could find the best deals.

Perfect Skin for Everyone
The first thing I found out…and this was great for someone like me who has sensitive skin and prone to red blotches, is even if your skin is far from perfect, you can still look like nature blessed you with a peaches and cream complexion. I really didn’t believe it so I decided to try it myself. I have to say it covered the redness in my skin perfectly. I also tried a mineral blusher and liked the more natural look that gave me too. They also say it’s great for anyone who has eczema and rosacea.

It Can Even be Good for You
If you’re worried that makeup isn’t good for your skin, and yes, we girls still wear it, than mineral makeup can take away those worries. In fact, it’s even good for you skin. It sits on top of your skin, doesn’t penetrate it, which means no more blocked pores or that ‘caked’ look. It allows your skin to breathe. And best of all, because it doesn’t contain moisture like liquid foundations, preservatives don’t need to be added because bacteria growth is almost non-existent.

Sun Worshippers Rejoice
Another plus, it’s called mineral because it contains minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. And guess what? They’re natural sun protectors.

Hectic Lifestyles
With summer just around the corner most of us will be dealing with sweaty faces and disappearing makeup, but not if you’re wearing the mineral kind. It doesn’t cake, gets a better finish and is idea for a hectic lifestyle. And who doesn’t have one of those these days.

Fewer Ingredients
If you’re like me, a label reader, you might worry about all the strange sounding ingredients you see on the bottles of some makeup. Mineral makeup has the fewest I’ve seen and I don’t need a degree in chemistry to know what they are.

Budget Friendly
And here, my fellow Budget Smart Girls, I’ve found the best reason of all to buy mineral makeup. It goes further, lasts longer and hence you buy less. In fact, I found a little goes a very long way.

Some Brands to Check Out
ELF. You can get mineral, foundation, concealer and blusher and all for $5 each. www.eyeslipsface.com
Mixology www.mixologymakeup.com I love this line too and you have to try the eye shadow. it’s great. It’s organic. Mixology creator, Rachael Ward, says every woman should be allowed to feel beautiful without being broke. Spoken like a true Budget Smart Girl. I love the fact you can get samples for $7 and nothing costs more than $21.
Another line you might want to check out is Alima www.alimacosmetics.com. Once again you can order samples and there’s a jar return program too.

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