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I can’t remember exactly where I saw this article, but I know it was on the Internet last week. Anyway, this Budget Smart Girl found it very interesting because the article was about the ever-increasing number of people who are being forced to sell their belongings.

Half the people interviewed were selling everyday items…and sadly some items that had sentimental value, to pay for utility or medical bills, or even just to fill up the gas tank to get to work. The other interviewees were people who were selling designer bags and shoes. And yes, they’re originally paid upwards of $2,000 for these items and now were forced to part with them just to pay their bills.

My heart goes out to the first group, every day people who have lost jobs, had a sudden illness, or just a run of bad luck and now have to sell almost everything in their homes just to put a meal on the table. But for the other group, well, I couldn’t help think that maybe if they hadn’t bought these expensive items in the first place, their financial situation wouldn’t be so grim.

It got me thinking about the way many people were living before the economic downturn. Yes, buying expensive items, running up huge amounts of debt on their credit cards and spending rather than saving.

Will this current economic downturn shake up and even scare people enough that when the economy’s back on its feet they’ll rethink the way they live? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This past weekend we headed out to the Living Green Expo. As I expected it was crowded. It looked like lots of companies have jumped on the green bandwagon. Most of the exhibits were home improvement companies trying to sell you new windows, insulation etc. They also had a tent with hybrid and electric cars to check out. I didn’t buy anything, but it got me thinking that most of us do want our homes to be energy efficient and ‘green’, but the high cost of most of these green items inhibits us. So on the drive home I started thinking about ways you can green your life and still stay within budget. I’m doing some research and I’ll be adding a new go green, save green section to the Budget Smart Girl’s Guide.

And speaking of new stuff, I’ll also be adding a monthly newsletter offering tips and advice on saving money, where to look for bargains, and a recipe or two. You’ll be able to sign up for it on the site next month.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy meal to cook for the family, check out this new line of sauces from Ragu.

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