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    Why Should Budget Smart Cooks Love Their Veggies?

    Well, actually everyone should love eating vegetables, but for those of us who watch the pennies, veggies offer great value. They pack lots of nutrition and can even help you stretch your food dollar. Here are some other reasons to love veggies. You Can Always Find Them at the Store Okay, some vegetables aren’t available year round, but stop by any produce department and you’ll always find items to make a low cost meal. Things like broccoli, mushrooms, peapods, peppers…all the basics for a stir-fry. And if you’re using beef, chicken or shrimp in that stir- fry, use less of these items and simply double up on the vegetables. I’m…

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    The FDA’s New Ruling

    I received this news release shortly after I posted last week’s Budget Smart Cook article about what to look for when you’re reading labels and thought I’d pass along this information to you. The FDA has recently acknowledged that products containing high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) can’t be considered ‘natural’ and shouldn’t be labeled as such. Lots of products…including sodas children seem to love do contain high fructose corn syrup. So read the label carefully, and if it’s one of the top ingredients, don’t waste your money. The news release did list some food products that are free of HFCS. As they seem to fit into the snack food category…and…

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    The Blog

    The talk goes on…or so it seems. On the TV, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, everyone’s talking about the sliding economy and how to survive it. I read this interesting article on Yahoo, written by Gina Hughes, The Techie Diva about haggling in a sluggish economy. Here’s a link if you want to read it http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/hughes/25219. Haggling…or as us Budget Smart Girls like to call it, getting the best price you can, is great even when the economy is at its best. My father was an expert at haggling. I think it’s because his family were so poor when he was growing up that it just became a way of life.…

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    What Do Those Food Labels Really Mean?

    When you shop for groceries do you ever take the time to read the label before you put an item into your cart? With food prices going sky high it’s more important than ever to get the best return for your food dollar. Food labels aren’t always the easiest things to figure out, but be sure to check out the following- Just The Facts The Nutrition Facts section on a product is easy to spot. It’s usually enclosed in a box and tells you what a serving size is, plus, things like the number of calories, sodium, cholesterol, etc. You’ll also find information about vitamin and mineral content. So how…

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    The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Selling Your Arts and Crafts

    Maybe you read my blog last week and remember me talking about ways you can spend the tax rebate that’s coming your way very soon. I suggested one way to use the money was to start your own mini business. Perhaps you could start a business while you’re still working at your day job? Or maybe you already have a small business but are looking for ways to grow it. One thing you might like to try is making your own arts and crafts and selling them. Starting Out You can make the most profit if you buy items at wholesale prices and to do that you’ll need a business…

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