The Blog-Can You Ever Be Too Much of a Budget Smart Girl?

I’ll be the first to admit I think that the tendency to watch those pennies is in my blood. I learned a lot from my late father and I think he taught me well. However, I recently asked myself if there’s a time when you have to draw the line.

And just what made me think about this topic? The day my husband presented me with a gift card to Kohl’s. It wasn’t my birthday, not our anniversary, so what prompted this kind gesture? My shoes. When he saw my puzzled look after I received the gift card he said, ‘for goodness sake, use that and buy yourself some new running shoes’. I remembered earlier that week I’d discovered that the soles and upper part of my shoes were starting to come apart and I’d put some heavy brown tape over the top of the toe to keep them together. My theory was I liked them and they were comfortable and I could get more use out of them. But apparently my husband had taken a closer look at them and discovered holes in both soles. I had to admit I bought them seven years ago and yes, you could say I’ve had my money’s worth out of my purchase.

I hate to admit that he was right, they didn’t look good with the tape stuck on them. And as I hadn’t noticed the holes in the soles, they were probably ready for the garbage can. So it was off to Kohl’s to get me a new pair. And an added bonus was they were giving away $10 gift certificates that you can use on any purchase this coming week. I still have some money left on the gift card and with this extra $10 I might just go back and get myself another pair. And yes, hopefully, these two pairs will last another seven years.

I read this interesting article on Yahoo the other day about loading up your pantry. The theory is if you have money to spare, a great investment these days is to stockpile food. The rational behind all this…food prices are going up and not coming down, so it’s a smart move. I always buy a few cans of beans, jars of pasta sauce, a couple of bags of frozen veggies on each trip to the store. I have two bookcases in the basement where I store canned foods, and a freezer for the extra frozen items. I don’t know if I’m going to rush out and fill the house with food, but I don’t think it can hurt adding a few more non-perishables to the grocery list. More on this topic in an upcoming Budget Smart Cook.

And speaking of stockpiling food, what do you think about the warehouse stores limiting the amount of rice each shopper purchases? Rice, of all things. I remember my dad telling me that rice pudding was one dish my grandmother made all the time because it was so cheap to put together. I don’t think it will be long before the supermarkets start rationing rice too. Who knows what else is going to be in short supply and hence more expensive in the coming months!

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