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The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to Earth Day-Go Green Save Green

There are lots of ways to go green this Earth Day…or any day for that matter. And the best thing about going green is you save green too.
Whether you want to do something for the environment or your bank account, here are some sites and ideas to get you started.

Sierra Club
The Sierra Club has a informative site www.sierraclub.org/wecandoit/ offering links to ways you can green your life and your wallet too. Check out the Get Brighter section, featuring Daily Green Tips and Smart Energy Solutions.

Earth Day Site
And this site www.earthday.net doesn’t offer tips etc, but it’s an interesting look at what you can do to help your local community save resources.

Green Your What?
I stumbled upon this site and love it. www.greenyour.com Click on topics, and then roll the mouse over one of the icons and you’ll be offered lots of ways you can green that particular item.

Harness the Sun
Using the power of the sun is a smart way to help Mother Earth and to save money, check out this site to get started www.solarstyle.com

Gardening on the Cheap
Composting can help you reduce waste and also be a free boost for your garden and yard. Visit this site to learn just how to compost your way to a beautiful yard.

A Reasonable Price
I like to use all natural and green products around the house, but some can be pricey. I found this site offering green cleaning items at great prices. And the best thing is you can order samples before you commit to the larger sizes. So there’s no wasting money on stuff you hate. www.sunandearth.com

Doing a Little DIY?
Are you in the mood for some do it yourself projects? Check out this site run by Habitat for Humanity. You can buy reasonably priced used and surplus building supplies and help a charity too. www.habitat.org/env/restores.aspx

Recycle It
Want to start recycling but not quite sure where to begin or how to do it? Check out this UK site to put you in the know www.recycling-guide.org.uk/

Electric Cars
I’d love to buy an electric car and when I read an article about the Zenn Car, I thought this is the one I want. It’s as cute as a bug, but the only drawback is it can only travel 35 M.P.H. So freeway driving isn’t an option. But if you’re just looking for something that’s energy efficient to run errands, definitely check it out.

Get Rid of Junk Mail
One way you can spend too much money, plus, load the mailbox is to receive one too many catalogs. They’re tempting and yes, how can you resist anything that’s got a lovely colored photo beside it? Visit this site to see how you can cut down or eliminate junk mail and catalogs.

The Green Expo
If you’re in the New York area definitely check out this expo for exhibits and seminars. I only wish I could attend!
Go Green Expo, New York Hilton
April 26th and 27th
200 exhibits, everything from cars to food and wine
50 seminars
Purchase price of tickets before the event, adults $10 for a one-day pass. $15 for a two-day pass
Children under 12 and seniors 65+ get free admission

Tips for Being Green and Saving Green
Walk or bike instead of drive.
Line dry clothing instead of putting them in the dryer.
If you’re using your car, run all errands in one shot.
Borrow or rent before you buy.
Cut garbage removal costs by cutting down on the size of the garbage can you use and recycle more.
Buy in bulk and share with family and friends.
Use fans and close drapes instead of turning on the air conditioning.
Think about buying an electric lawnmower.
Invest in a rain barrel and collect free water for your lawn and plants.
Grow your own organic vegetables.

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