April is Soy Food Month

In the not too distant future meat and poultry might not be the most expensive items at the grocery store, but for now, one way around higher prices is to go veggie once or maybe three times a week. One great meat alternative is products made from soybeans. And as April is Soy Food Month, I thought I’d make soyfood the focus of this Budget Smart Cook.

But It’s Tasteless
I know most people start running for the door when they hear the word tofu, also known as that white and wobbly tasteless food…and didn’t only hippies used to eat it? Yes, tofu eaten as is, is as appealing as nibbling on foam, but knowing how to jazz it up and what to do with it, can really help you make your food dollar go even further. This site provided by the Soyfoods Association of North America, www.soyfoods.org is a good starting point to learn about soyfood and has a great recipe section too.

Another site to check out is www.soyfoodsillinois.uiuc.edu. Lots of great advice, and once again, wonderful recipes. Plus, I thought this was a reasonably priced item. The Soy Starter Kit, it’s just $20 and includes a cookbook of your choice, and also free shipping and handling.
There’s also the Soy Connection www.soyconnection.com.
And if you are ‘brave’ enough to buy tofu, here’s a brand I like and their Web site’s really informative too. www.nasoya.com

Not a Load of Old Bologna
These aren’t really cheap veggie alternatives but if you’re looking to change to a veggie diet, the deli slices produced by these two companies are excellent, and even die hard meat eaters sometimes can’t tell the difference. www.lightlife.com and www.yvesveggie.ca

Milk Alternatives
The price of both milk and other dairy products are on the increase and a great alternative is soymilk. If you’re a beginning soymilk drinker, one I really recommend is Silk. It’s creamy, there’s no aftertaste, and you can add it to things like smoothies. There’s also soy based ‘ice cream’ or frozen yogurts that are really tasty. And you can buy non-sweetened varieties to add to things like soups and casseroles.

No Beef Burgers
And if it’s beef or especially beef burgers that you want to replace, you’ve got lots of choice these days. Some of my favorites include, Morningstar Farms products,
www.seeveggiesdifferently.com They also sell veggie sausages and bacon that taste just like the real thing. And I also like products made by Boca www.bocaburger.com. One of my favorites is the ‘bratwurst’ sausage, great flavor and texture and perfect for the upcoming grilling season.


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