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I found a great way to enroll in reasonably priced classes and you can study in the comfort of your home. Yes, even in pajamas and your slippers if you really want to. My local community education class is offering a host of classes through a company called ed2go www.ed2go.com. There are a ton of classes to choose from, and if you register through your local community education center or another college, you get the tuition at even a better price. In fact, I compared prices and through my local community ed, the price for the class I’m taking is $85. However, if I signed up directly on the ed2go Web site, the price was $129. So if you’re thinking of taking a class, click on ‘participating schools’ and type in your zip code to see if you can register through a local school and save even more money. Even at $129, they’re still good value, but if a Budget Smart Girl can save some money, I say, let’s do it. If you take the final exam you get a certificate of completion that might be helpful in your career. And you might find a course that furthers your career, gets you a promotion, or even a new job…all of which can translate into more income for you. And if it’s related to what you do for a living, it’s possible it’s also a tax deduction next year. My class starts on Wednesday and I’m really looking forward to it.
Oh, and check out the ‘teach with us’ section on the Web site because they’re looking for instructors for certain topics. It might match one of your skills and you can make yourself even more money.

Last week I read that Pepperidge Farm is phasing out pre-pricing. The suggested retail price they used to stamp on their packages will be phased out by May to allow for more pricing flexibility. I wouldn’t be too surprised if more companies follow their idea. I suppose that means we won’t ever see those low prices again!

And I found this very interesting… according to a report conducted by market research company NPD about how economically challenging times affect in home meal strategies among those who were financially concerned. More than half of those surveyed said they are trying to prepare meals at home, use leftovers and stock up when items are on sale. Not to brag here, but that’s what the budget smart cook always recommends doing, good times or bad.

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