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The talk goes on…or so it seems. On the TV, magazines, newspapers, the Internet, everyone’s talking about the sliding economy and how to survive it.

I read this interesting article on Yahoo, written by Gina Hughes, The Techie Diva about haggling in a sluggish economy. Here’s a link if you want to read it http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/hughes/25219. Haggling…or as us Budget Smart Girls like to call it, getting the best price you can, is great even when the economy is at its best. My father was an expert at haggling. I think it’s because his family were so poor when he was growing up that it just became a way of life. Dad became so good at it that other people would take him along to a store to negotiate a lower price for them. While I did learn a thing or two about haggling, I have to admit I don’t have the same skill as my dad…but I’m learning. And whether the economy is sluggish or growing, don’t be afraid to ask for a better price. After all, they can only say no.

Friday afternoon I decided it was time to give my office a good clutter clearing. I sorted through files of paper I’d been collecting for future stories. I did come across a couple of Web sites I’d jotted down and thought I’d pass them along to you. One is www.consumersearch.com. It lets you search for just about any item you’re thinking about buying. The other one is www.lemonade.com Remember the lemonade stand you had when you were young? This is based on that idea. You set up your own stand selling items you select and take part of the proceeds. I don’t know anyone who’s used it, so I can’t vouch for it, or how much money you’ll make, but it’s worth checking out.

One thing I did realize is I have too many books. I don’t mind donating them to charity, but if I can get some money selling them, that’s okay with me too. Where to sell them, or what to do with them got me thinking about another topic for The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide. So this week you’ll be seeing the first of many articles about how to get rid of ‘stuff’ around the house while earning money.

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