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Did everyone remember to move clocks and watches an hour ahead? And just when I was just getting used to waking up to lighter mornings. The days seemed longer and I felt like I was getting more done.

I read this interesting article by Christopher Null, The Working Guy. He says that Daylight Saving Time was supposed to save energy but a study conducted by the University of California found that it actually costs us more. The study looked at the state of Indiana who until 2006 was only partially on DST. When the whole state changed to DST it actually cost residents 8.6 million extra in electricity bills. The reason…while their lighting costs went down, it cost them more for air conditioning because people were often at home instead of at their offices on hot afternoons. Plus, people had to heat their homes in the morning because they were getting up while it was still dark, and therefore colder outside. I think this study reminds us that we really have to take a closer look at what we initially believe will be money saving moves. What looks like a bargain, might not be. If you want to check out this whole article, here’s the link http://tech.yahoo.com/blog/null/83073

And you know the word free is what every Budget Smart Girl likes to hear! I found this wonderful article from PC Magazine. It lists no end of free software. I’m gradually making my way through the list to check what programs I could use. Here’s the link www.pcmag.com/article2/0,0,2704,2260070,00.asp

In the last few weeks I’ve brought some new stuff for my home office and done all my shopping online. As I’ve been swamped with writing projects these last couple of months it’s become my favorite way to shop. The only thing I dislike is the cost of shipping and handling. Once again it pays to shop around and check if you can get all you need from one merchant. That way you often qualify for free shipping. Another thing I’ve been doing is adding an item I think I’ll need in say a few months. Okay, I don’t need it that fast, but it often pushes the total into the free shipping category. My theory is I’d rather give a company an extra $10 for something that I can actually use and not throw away $10 on something intangible like ‘handling’ and a cardboard box the item arrives in.

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