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Business I like will appear from time to time on this site. I’ll be telling you about companies I like doing business with and the reason why. I might like them because they offer great value, great customer service, speedy delivery etc.

This week I have two companies to praise because of their speedy service.

I bought a Turbo Tax software program and also a new flash drive through their online store.
I placed the order on a Thursday afternoon and it qualified for free shipping. And to my surprise the package was sitting on my front door step on Friday morning. That was less than 24 hours after I’d placed the order. Nice work Staples!

I told you about the Lotus Sanitizing System in my article about green cleaning. I’ve been using mine so much around the house that it was time to buy some refill cartridges. While the order didn’t arrive as quickly as the one from Staples, I had the cartridges a few days after placing this order. www.tersano.com

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