What’s Your Diet and Nutrition IQ?

Do you know what your diet and nutrition IQ is? According to the Food and Health Report conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation, only 11% of those surveyed knew about the amount of calories needed to maintain a healthy weight. Or even what types of fats are actually good for you.
You might be thinking why should I care, but with food prices skyrocketing, being an informed buyer allows you to make smart choices at the grocery store. Choices that are not only good for your family’s health, but good for your wallet too. Knowing what to eat and staying healthy also saves on missed days from work and can lower your healthcare costs.
So with the help of registered dietitian Lanah Brennan, here’s a quiz to test your Diet/Nutrition IQ. Answers are below.

1. Saturated fats are found in-
b)coconut and palm oils
c)dairy foods
d)all of the above

2. Sugar is found in the following foods-
d)baked beans
e)all of the above

3.You can only get your daily requirement of calcium from eating dairy foods, true or false?

4. Which of the following foods is high in potassium?
e)all of the above

5.You can reduce the sodium in your diet by doing which of the following-
a)limiting the amount of salty snacks you eat, such as chips and pretzels
b)using herbs and spices to enhance the taste of food
c)selecting fat free, low fat cheese, milks and yogurt
d)all of the above

6.Healthy American adults should eat less than-
a)one teaspoon of salt per day
b)one tablespoon of salt per day
c)two tablespoons of salt per day

7.Both animal and non-animal foods contain cholesterol, true or false?

8.Cholesterol only comes from food, true or false?

9.There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble, true or false?

10.You can only get iron if you eat meat, true or false?

3.false, you can also get calcium from eating spinach, kale, broccoli, some legumes and soybean products…yes, sometimes cheaper foods.
4.e, all are good sources
5.d, all of the above. Full fat dairy products can also contain higher amounts of salt. So be sure to check those labels.
7.false, only food from an animal source like meat and butter contain cholesterol
8.false, our livers produce varying amounts, usually about 1,000 mg. a day
10.false. You can also get iron from foods like baked beans, peas, lentils, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and eggs…once again cheaper food items.

So how did you do? Score a perfect 10? Or do you need some more help learning about nutrition and diet? I’ve found these resources really useful-

Extension Service-your local extension service usually has a nutritionist on staff and can answer all your questions about getting the best nutritional bang for your buck. Some even offer grocery store field trips.
Also, check out these sites-

Budget Smart Cook’s Tip
One of the best ways to learn what’s the best value for your money is to start studying food labels.

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