The idea for Budget Smart Girl started brewing about seven years ago. I’d been thinking about a weekly column featuring money saving tips, especially ones about saving money at the grocery store. Then in March 2005, an opportunity came along…the chance to become a columnist for the Garden and Hearth Web site. Eating Well on a Budget was launched in May 2005. I was still thinking about writing a column on saving money on non-food items and the title The Budget Smart Girl’s Guide to the Universe sprung to mind. In this column I’d try and show other people how to save money on just about everything out there…in, well, yes the big world of ours. It too became a column at Garden and Hearth in July 2006. With both columns firmly established and some nice reader feedback, I thought it was about time I combined the two topics and launched the Budget Smart Girl Web site. A place where I can pass along more tips and more ideas about saving money If you like living the good life, yet don’t have, or don’t want, to spend a fortune to achieve it, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll never hear the words frugal, thrifty or tightwad on this site. It’s all about living the life everyone deserves… without making any sacrifices, and yet living it without have to take a loan out to finance it. I hope you’ll be a frequent visitor (even find time to subscribe to this blog) and be sure to tell your friends to stop by too.