Where Does the Money Go Challenge


Sometimes we all buy things like we’re on automatic pilot. Bills that are paid every month, grocery shopping and yes, those unplanned splurges. You check your bank account statement or your credit card bill arrives and you think surely I didn’t spend that much and just what did I buy?

This month I’ve set myself a challenge to be more aware just what I’m buying and what amount of money goes where.

I have a notebook and I’m writing down everything I spend for the month of July and beside it I’m making a note of what it’s for. If that amounts for more than one item then I’m breaking it down even more into things like groceries, household essentials etc.

Next month I’m going through that list and first of all checking the total amount I’ve spent for the whole month, and then adding up each category to see where most of money goes. I’ll also be looking at any services or recurring expenses that might be cancelled/eliminated.

So if you want to join the challenge I think it would be a great opportunity for you to see where your money goes each month.

Next month I’d love to hear what you discovered and if it’s got you thinking in a new way.


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