Friday Round Up-An Easy Way to Save Money on Groceries

Happy Friday to you all…

Yesterday I had every good intention of posting an article about easy ways to spring clean but then I had a setback.

I needed to do some grocery shopping and thought maybe I’d walk to the store and get some exercise but then it looked like rain so I opted to drive.

Seems my destiny was to walk because I discovered my car battery was dead which leads me into some advice about saving money at the store.

I thought about getting my bike down from the rack in the garage but the now non-working car was in the way which meant I’d have to carry everything I bought. I took along a backpack and two tote bags and knew I could only buy what would fit into them.

You’d be surprised what an efficient shopper you become when you have to narrow things down.

My haul included, lettuce, two cucumbers, a pack of tomatoes, 2 packs of strawberries, a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, a large tub of yogurt, 2 packages of shredded cheese, a pack of potato salad and coleslaw, and yes, what would the Easter season be without some Cadbury cream eggs?

Give it a try some time and take just two or three bags when you go shopping. I think it will get you into the habit of not putting just any old thing into your cart…and knowing you have to carry surplus items is even more incentive to go lightly on your shopping spree.

Needless to say all this took up more time than I’d planned so hopefully next week they’ll be no setbacks and I’ll be posting the article about spring cleaning.

In the meantime I’ve been researching meal planning and prepping and found this cool tool on Cooking Light…I’m guessing it changes every week so check it out-


Have a money saving week and a happy Easter.


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