Friday Round Up-What Free Books?





Happy Friday to you. And happy spring.

It’s been another busy week and one thing that’s saved the day is meal planning. I’ll have a separate post on the topic soon. I planned out what each day’s dinner would be, set out recipes, ingredients, and it really took the pressure of the end of the day scramble to get a meal on the table

Anyone else tried meal planning or even meal prepping?



Maybe this is going on everywhere but it seems no matter where I shopped this week there was a BOGO (Buy One Get One) deal going on. I started off the week by going to the store and telling myself I could only buy an item if one, it was part of a BOGO deal, or two, I had a coupon for that item. I took advantage of the deals to stock up on fish…where I live that’s usually twice the price of meat, and bags of frozen veggies. (I made a great fish dish on Monday that I’ll be sharing with you too).


Southern Savers

I always love stumbling upon sites that like this one are aimed at helping everyone save their hard earned money. I found this one the other day. They even have coupon workshops you can attend if you live in certain areas…great idea.


Read a Free Book, Give a Review

One of my favorite pastimes is sitting and reading a good book but buying too many of them can put a dent in your wallet…but did you know there’s way you can read books for free? Okay, you have to do a little something in return but it just takes about five minutes of your time. My friends over at Long and Short Reviews are currently in need of more reviewers for their site. You can pick what genres you like and they’re all e-books so your shelves won’t start breaking under the strain of all the books you’ll be reading. Head over to their site to learn more about reviewing and if it might be a good match for you.


Have a fun and money saving week.



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