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Friday Round Up-Online Grocery Shopping


Happy Friday to you. Spring is just around the corner…well at least the calendar says it is.

I didn’t find too many money related topics on the Web this week so I thought I’d turn this week’s Friday Round Up into a one topic post which is buying groceries online.

I didn’t think I’d ever say this (because I love browsing supermarket shelves for interesting finds), but apart from fresh fruit and veggies and frozen foods, I’m buying most of my groceries online these days.


Apart from the convenience factor, I’ve found that prices are the same if not lower than my local supermarkets.

Some sites I’ve been buying from include-

Amazon…if you have a Prime membership they have something called Prime Pantry. Each box costs $5.99 for shipping but every month they have featured products where if you buy five you get free shipping. I’ve used it as an opportunity to stock up on things like cereal bars, shampoo, taco shells, pancake mix…you name it.

Some of the best deals I’ve been finding there are pantry staples like rice mixes, tortillas, soup, tuna etc. Sometimes the prices go up and sometimes they go down so like all things shopping, be aware of what you’ve paid before and the going price for an item.


You’ve heard me mention this company many times and just today I went shopping on their site.

They’re now selling Krogers’ Simple Truth line of organic products. I don’t have a Krogers where I live so I thought I’d order some of their goodies while Vitacost are offering a discount on their line plus free shipping if you spend $25 of Simple Truth products. (You usually have to spend $49 to get free shipping). I stocked up on items like beans…$1 a can which is perfect for pantry stash. Maple syrup which I use on pancakes and in baking and this stuff can get pricey. Organic fruit spread and peanut butter, well basically anything that can become a meal.

Some online sites I have tried but I know others who do…

Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy. If you have reward cards you can even snag some more deals and these days drugstores are selling everything from cereal to canned foods that once again are perfect for stocking or restocking your pantry.


So definitely check out online grocery shopping or at least use these sites to research prices and compare them to your local supermarket.

If you’re already an online grocery shopper I’d love to hear where you shop and if you feel you’re saving money.

Have a fun and money saving week.

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